900 Mulberry

900 Mulberry Ave scrawled on my mind, I sat out this morning with the goal of finding the new excitement promised by the Facebook page. My partner found the Facebook page that promised this excitement. He found it earlier this week when he was looking for a comic book store. The page told us about a new store opening in my hometown. It paints itself as a comic book store with a coffee shop inside of it. The smell of coffee beans perking into a steaming cup of java does nothing to attract my partner or me, but the smell of glossy pages decorated with lines of drawings telling the lines of stories attract us like a moth to a blue light.


The owner of the comic store flicked on the light Wednesday, yet we resisted the pull until today. We follow the pull as it leads us to the corner of 9th st and Mulberry Ave. We see a sign that throws us off the path. The sign says Social Club when we seek Caped Café. Circling the block, we wonder if our hearts lead us on a goose chase. Hoping we have not been lead astray, we circle again like a dog searching for his buried bone. Looking in the window of the Social Club, a beacon of hope pierces our inflating sadness.


Parking became the next goal so that we can explore this new wonderful and exciting store. Finding a space, digging for coins to buy time and braving the drizzle of rain, we follow the beacon of hope down the road back to the door of the Social Club. Looking to each other for strength to leap through the door into the unknown, we step in expecting to be told to get out. Hearing nothing we slip into our excitement of a new place to find comics. We see the comic rack and our shoulders start to drop. We try to be upbeat while browsing the rack looking for the newest comics. A handful of books greet us and try to sate our desire for walls of comics to peruse and buy, but nothing captured the comic geek in our hearts. The longer we searched in vain for the comics, the more we felt let down by the Facebook page that promised so much more.

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